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About us //


Hi, I am

Ian Upston,

Owner of RavenWolf Constructions


My passion is exemplary carpentry, and I aim to bring you the highest quality carpentry service.


I am a fully-qualified carpenter and my additional qualifications in Joinery (fine carpentry) mean I can offer a higher level of expertise than your average carpenter. That, and my pedanticism which is rarely met on par or surpassed by my clients.


As it is only me, I will endeavour to respond to enquiries in a timely and professional manner, discuss your needs and the potential services RavenWolf Constructions can offer.  I can provide consultation and design ideas, and I organise the materials and build your project(s) to my high standards.


My primary skills include:

  • Framing: New homes and extensions (Under Contract with licensed Builders only), and renovations

  • Roof truss installation

  • External Cladding: Weather boards and matrix boards (cement sheet)

  • Lock up and fix

  • Doors, hinges, handles and locks installations

  • Window installations

  • Decks

  • Pergolas

  • Timber feature structures

  • Fences: Picket and boundary

  • Gates: Pedestrian, double swing

  • General repair work


Some secondary skills I have:

  • Safe demolition/dismantling

  • Hanging plaster board

  • Minor plastering (stopping up) work

  • Small - moderate concreting work

  • External painting

  • Rangehood installation


Being able to Liaise with clientele in a friendly, polite and professional manner is also a skill I possess

Skill set //

I like challenges that are presented to me, no matter how large or small, and that’s one of the reasons why I'm the better choice over other carpenters. I take care and pride in my work and aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction every time.


Whether you want just a bit of privacy from your neighbours using a lapped paling fence, something purely decorative like a picket fence, a feature wall,  or a stylish pergola and/or deck, I'm  more than happy to provide you with ideas and the creation(s) you desire.

With over 10 years of dedicated, precise and passionate experience, I have the right mindset about my work and satisfied customers to show for it.


I know that a house is more than that, it’s a home, and a home owner is proud of what they have created for themselves and their family.  I know what it is to have pride, and I pride myself on the high quality of my work and materials  used.


I never cut corners or rush the job.  My expertise ensures that I give you the best quality that you can find. 


I build you products that many would want at their own homes; products that stand the test of time, that add value, and that simply look incredible

About us //
Insured //

My business is insured so you can have peace-of-mind when employing my services. 


Safety and customer satisfaction are my priorities and I do my utmost to ensure these are maintained.

Suppliers //

I know that it’s quality materials (paired with exceptional craftsmanship) that make a product look extraordinary.


Therefore I source my timber materials from Demak a top-of-the-line supplier.

for more information on Demak please do a quick search.

Cleaning up during the project and upon final completion is something I do.  It shouldn't be the clients duty to clean up after a tradesman. It's the trademan's responsibility to keep the surrounding environment clean and safe.

It's another way of showing respect, and that's one of the reasons I do it.



Neat & Tidy //
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