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Decking //


Timber decking has become a popular design element of any home, providing a natural extension of interior living spaces to the outdoors.


Decking creates an enjoyable outdoor entertaining or barbecue area, and a sunny space to enjoy a book or paper with a cup of your favourite coffee.


Timber decking can be used as a pool-surround, and is an excellent way of dealing with steep building sites by allowing you to extend your living area into a landscape that would otherwise have been unusable. Decking timbers can also be used to create attractive screens that can cover up what might otherwise have been an ugly view, or just to give you privacy from neighbours.


Add to your decking a pergola, and you have an area that can be used all year round.


Choices in timber are as follows: Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Merbau, Ironbark, Jarrah, Stringybark, Forest Reds, Tallowwood and Karri. There is a range of size options available from 65mm x 19mm up to 190mm x 32mm, each one creating a unique look for your home.


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